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iPlanner is designed to help you keep track of important events in your life - iPlanner is useful for scheduling everything from work shifts to bill payment reminders, days off work to tracking chores for the kids! Use iPlanner as a duty roster, a shift planner, for vacation planning or to visually record projects. The areas of uses cover a broad range. iPlanner entices with its flexibility and is especially suitable in areas that require quick overviews and complicated recurring events.
*****Key Features of iPlanner:*****
**Icon and colour based calendar items!** Categories represent templates that can be designed individually for recurring use. In addition to integrated colors and symbols you can also use your Emojis.
**Many ways to view your events!** In addition to an annual, monthly, weekly and daily view option, the calendar view provides a detailed listing of birthdays or holidays. Define the view in which you want to start your app.
**Calendar System** Holidays and birthdays are integrated. Holidays are brought current continuously through updates. For travelers, holidays for over 30 countries are available.
**Plans** If one plan is not enough for you, you can create any number of plans in iPlanner. Separate business from private plans or provide a plan option for each family member.
**Pdf**A Pdf file can be created from the year view and send by mail
** Reports **The reports display you category use. Hours were counted yesterday. By setting targets for instance , you can review your vacation entitlements at any time.
**Backup** Online Backup & Restore using Google+, Facebook or TwitterCalendar SubscriptionShare plans by mail with other iPlanner users.
**Widgets**Today widget, showing events and calendar information (like public Holidays)7 day widget, showing events and calendar information (like public Holidays)
**Lastly** if you have a problem - TELL US, if we don't know, we can't fix it.